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PPC Ad and Search Engine Advertising

As said above, PPC is an internet-marketing model, in which advertisers utilize publisher’s website to promote their business through Ads. For this, publisher gets a fixed amount when a user clicks on the Advertiser’s ads.

PPC advertising is a pull-type internet marketing used for buying user visits to a website.

1. Search Engine Advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC advertising that allows advertisers to bid for placement of ads in sponsored links of a search engine that makes their Ads be visible to searchers, who search for a keyword related to advertisers’ business.

2. Steps involved in creating an online Ad
Know how to do the research for effective keywords related to your product and service
Understand how to choose the right keyword from list of keywords

Learn how to group the keywords relevantly
Know how to arrange the keywords to create an Ad
Too much about keywords?- no worries next section will help you know how to create the keyword list.

3. Entities Involved in PPC Advertising
PPC Tutorial
PPC Ad Entities
Product Seller
PPC Marketer
Landing Page
Landing Page Provider
Viewer or the Visitor

4. Properties of a result-driven PPC Ad
Successful PPC Ads are one of the essential parts of relevant ad-groups
Result driven PPC Ads address the query asked by the users
Best PPC Ads take users to right landing page
Powerful PPC Ads drive users to on it and ensure conversion
5. General Formula for Calculating PPC

To calculate PPC, the basic formula is: – Pay per click ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Number of ad clicks
As discussed above, the next thing that we should now pay heed upon is creating keyword list in PPC. Having a right and relevant set of keywords help advertisers design a crisp and convincing PPC ad and hence help them increase the number of clicks on the ad. Let us understand creation of Keywords list in PPC.

2. Build a Keyword List
a. Create a basic list of usual business terms
Research the audience
Research on recently used search terms
Research on more suggestions
Research on Competitors
b. Expand the Keyword list
You need to review seller’s site for new trends
You need to understand how people talk about the same
You should identify well performing keywords
You should use keyword research tools
c. Refine the Keyword list
You should use keyword categories to have an idea about search’s intent
You should participate in Google Keyword Competition
You should check for result relevance
You need to group keywords semantically
3. Know the right length of a list of Keywords
Length of a list of keywords is directly proportional to-

Complexity of your business
Complexity of the products or service the business is offering
The range of that particular product or service

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